Gozney Dome

Gozney Dome


Make wood-fired cooking easy with The Dome, the world’s most versatile live-fire outdoor oven. Enjoy a professional grade outdoor oven engineered to be easy for beginners and exceptional for chefs. Roast, smoke, steam or bake. Super fast or low and slow. A wood-fired adventure, every time. We believe wood-fired cooking is best, for taste and experience. The Dual Fuel model offers you the convenience of a built-in gas burner, allowing you to easily switch between fuel types and reach 950 deg. F – all at the turn of a dial. The door is sold as an additional accessory.


Product Overview

  • Super fast or low and slow cooking
  • Cook differently with the dome-like Neapolitan pizza, live fire, roast, bake and steam and slow roast/smoke
  • Digital thermometer, Innovative air ventilation, Unbeatable heat retention, Steam injector and Quick-connect accessory port
  • GozneyShield - Use outdoors all year round thanks to our ceramic bonded outer coating - extra durable, water resistant and UV stable



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