Stove Packages

Stove Packages

Follow these four easy steps

1. Choose a Stove
2. Choose a Hearth Pad
3. Choose a Chimney System
4. Review & Purchase

All packages qualify for the federal energy tax credit.
Don’t forget to download your federal tax credit form.

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The below Red Tabs (links) will show which step you are on in the package building process.

Each step must be done in order. The Red Tabs for each step will not become available to click until the previous step is completed.

Starting with step #1 you will first select a stove, then choose from the available options presented to customize your stove.

Once you’ve made your selections you can then click the Red Tab “Hearth Pads” to move on to the next step in the process.

After choosing a hearth pad and its available customizations you can then click the Red Tab “Chimney Systems” to move on to the next step.

After selecting a chimney system and its available options you will now be able to move on to step #4 by clicking the Red TabReview and Purchase”

Here, at review and purchase, you can review your choices and make any changes to the items you’ve selected before adding the items to your cart

After adding the selected items to your cart you can now view all the items in your cart and choose to checkout.

Please note that before you are able to check out you will be contacted for further details to make sure all is accurate and to present you with a final shipping quote before any charges are made to your card. This quote will come in via email to the inbox you supply in purchase & shipping details.