True North TN24 Gas Stove

True North TN24 Gas Stove


Clean lines and minimal profile, the TN24 offers a full window of flame and efficient gas heat for medium sized spaces. Built to ensure maximum safety, the TN24 features a nearly invisible integrated micro-mesh safety screen, keeping little hands and family pets out of harm.


Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
Direct vent technology
SIT Pro Flame 2 valve
Integrated micro-mesh safety screen
Rich, full flames
High-efficiency heat exchanger with aluminum fins
Standard remote control
Leveling legs
Rear vent capable
Minimal vertical venting
Mobile home approved
Floor illumination
Pre assembled interior with black porcelain panels and mature fire log set
Ships Natural Gas, Propane Conversion Kit available
2 x 80 cfm blowers

BTU Input NG 24,000 BTU high | 13,500 BTU low
BTU Input LP 24,000 BTU high | 12,000 BTU low
P.4.1-15 Efficiency NG 74.4%
P.4.1-15 Efficiency LP 74.4%
AFUE NG 75.9%
AFUE LP 75.9%
Glass Size 340

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